5 Different Types of Abrasive Sand Blasting

Sand blasting is also referred to as abrasive blasting. This is a method in which the rough surface is polished or smoothened using different materials. This is a helpful technique in the field of machinery where metal surfaces and parts are susceptible to corrosion and rust. Fortunately, sand blasting is developed to make a solution to this dilemma. Because of such methods, the metal parts will function efficiently.  

Sand Blasting

In this process, an abrasive material is used to blast through a surface to remove the impurities and smooth it out for next coating. Lots of pressure is use to cause the blast to occur. The kind of pressure applied will also determine the quality of results and how fast the process could be. The following are the other types of sand blasting. Check this out 

Soda Blasting 

One type of abrasive blasting is soda blasting. This refers to the use of bicarbonate of soda or baking soda in the process of smoothing the surface. Soda is used as the material for sand blasting so the rust in the metal surface or parts is removed. This material cannot cause depression or damage to the materials. Soda is another option if you’re cleaning a delicate surface that might be destroyed by other abrasives that are tough.  

Silicon Dioxide or Silica Sand 

Silicon dioxide is also known as quartz or silica. This is ordinary sand that is considered as one of the most efficient abrasive in sand blasting. Silica sand blasting is commonly used when removing dirt from the surfaces. The size of silica is almost the same as the size of the sand which makes the method really effective. However, this method is no longer in demand now because there are other abrasive that are more efficient and health-friendly.  

Steel Grit 

Another type of sand blasting is steel grit. Steel grit is used as a material for blasting and removing rust and paint from the steel metal and parts. The final product is a smooth finish that is free of rust and corrosion. Many people prefer this method because of its fast cutting nature.  

Bristle Blasting 

In this kind of blasting, there is no separate medium is used when it comes to cleaning the surface. Steel wire bristles are used instead which is rotated on the surface. The rotation of the bristles helps in the removal of the dirt and impurities which leaves the surface smooth. This method is used to clean the metal surface which is suffering from corrosion.  

Glass Bead 

If you want the surface to have a satin or matter finish, glass bead blasting is the best option for you. This type of material has very fine materials that smoothens the surface. If you want to have a smooth and clean finish on your cabinets, then this is your best option.  

There are different types of sand blasting which are offered by different blasting companies. The types we mentioned above use specific type of grit to achieve the goal you want.  


Sandblasting Process: Can You Do It on Your Own?

Sandblasting is considered as the process of sanding surfaces in order to remove foreign materials or rough edges. Actually, sandblasting can make the sanding procedure much easier since it easily reaches areas that are hard to sand such as crannies and nooks, and it is also pressure-driven. Sandblasting is usually done with the use of compressed air in order to blow sand via a nozzle for a clean and smooth finish. Depending on the type of project, you can also be able to use abrasive materials aside from sand in order to prepare the surface for refinishing, staining, or even repainting. 

Sandblasting Process

What Materials Can You Sandblast? 


Wood can sometimes have several paint layers that might be peeling. Picnic tables, porch swings as well as gazebos are actually the items that you might consider having sandblasted. 

Cast Iron

If a railing made of cast iron or any other detail is painted, you might want it sandblasted in order to remove any chipping and peeling paint. 


Most of the time, commercial building owners might want to reconfigure a parking lot and remove parking lines, so that they can be able to sandblast their old commercial parking lines for a much cleaner surface that they can work with. Furthermore, residential property owners might also sandblast their own driveways in order to remove oil spills or paint. 


Sandblasting can also help a lot in removing the rust on your garage’s fixer-upper prior to painting it. 


Sandblasting process can also make dirty or painted bricks look new and clean. 

How Much Does Sandblasting Cost? 

Basically, sandblasting can be done on a wide variety of materials as well as it’s preferable when handheld sanders or sandpaper are not appropriate for the project at hand. As a matter of fact, sandblasting can be able to help you save time, highly strenuous work, as well as the demanding physical labor of sitting, bending, reaching and squatting. 

If you’ve never done sandblasting before, then you might want to consider hiring a professional and skilled individual for dependable and quality sandblasting in OKCIn fact, using a blaster without the right experience and knowledge can potentially lead to severe injuries if correct and necessary measures aren’t followed or taken. In addition to that, you should keep these things in mind when doing sandblasting: 

  • Some cities might require a sandblasting permit, which is why it’s imperative that you check with your state or city all the local requirements needed before you start sandblasting. On the other hand, if you choose to hire a professional, chances are they might apply for the sandblasting permit for you. 
  • Even though rare, accidents and damages could potentially occur to your residential or commercial property, or your neighboring properties during the process of sandblasting, which is why it’s highly advised by the experts that you consider hiring a professional and dependable sandblasting expert since they are already experienced and knowledgeable in performing sandblasting processes. Having said that, you will be able to rest easy knowing that your property is in the hands of the professionals. 

What are the Benefits of Sandblasting?

One of the most highly effective and popular means for the maintenance and cleaning of surfaces is sandblasting. The surface restoration is attained by shooting refined sand grains at an extremely high speed via the nozzle of the sandblaster and straight to the surface that is being cleaned. So, if ever you require restoring machinery or any type of equipment to have it work and look like brand new again, here are several benefits that you could get if you consider sandblasting as your option. Click here to know more.  


Different Applications 

When it comes to cleaning, this cleaning technique is recognized for its efficiency. Sandblasting will leave any surface look brand new by eliminating residue, rust, and much more. It also have uses in peening, decorating, deburring, and more. Aside from being useful for cleaning huge portion of an object, sandblasting could be utilized for work that deals with small parts, such as gears.  

Additionally, this cleaning technique makes it efficient to prime any surface for repainting. The sand would strip away old paint layers, rust, decay, and other particles. Thus, refurbishing the surface and preparing it for a new and fresh paint coat. 

Easily Removes Rust 

Though sandblasting has several uses, it is specifically well matched for removing rust. For those who don’t know, rust could easily damage your property because it quickly spreads and it corrodes metal. The damage might not be reversible and could spread to other part of your property if not properly treated. This is really hazardous with machinery and equipment as it could eventually lead to malfunction of the equipment. Thus, correct elimination of rust from metal surfaces is vital to make sure that your property or machinery have a longer lifes-span.  

Saves you Time and Money 

Speed and efficiency, these are the greatest advantages of opting for sandblasting. The sand properties, that includes its refined grains, make this cleaning method a strong abrasive. Have you ever tried other surface cleaning method? How long did it take you to finish the job? Probably, it would take days or weeks before you can completely clean it. Well, not for sandblasting, as it can clean any surfaces within several hours. Even if the surface you are cleaning only has a diameter of 2mm, sandblasting could still clean it. Precision and fast rate makes this cleaning method effective.  

All of the different applications of sandblasting could be easily done with fast sweeps of the nozzle of the blaster. Also, sandblasting is the fastest method to eliminate old paint or coatings. This is really useful if you are planning to repaint your home. Removing old paint alone could take days.  If you use this cleaning technique, old paint, corrosion, and scale are eliminated in minutes. Thus, the surface to be repainted will be ready for its first coating.  

Sandblasting is a priceless method to enhance the operation and appearance of your equipment, increase your property’s life-span, and refurbish any surface that is slowly deteriorating.